Wherever You Are, Good Health is Available

May 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The column dealing with “New York,Therapy for Seniors” was exceptionally well received. New York is a favorite key word and therapy is something most of search for a great deal of the time.

Ironically, where you are good health, whether mental or physical, is available. Two weeks prior to New York, we were in San Francisco, what a dynamite city, what endorphins we found to keep us going!

The truth is that travel is wondrous therapy. It distracts us from the day to day anxieties which we could just as well find ways to avoid at home. We don’t, so going somewhere seems to be one of the top ten ways to allow your sub conscious to take over and kick out the more troubling aspects of day to day living.

What about travel seems to contribute to good health? Even with the scares of international excursions today, swine flu and all the other dire warnings, preparing for the trip itself is a huge contributor for dwelling on tomorrow and its adventures.

Here are some suggestions:

*At least twice a year, your own resources allowing, plan a trip to some desirable destination. It may be for a brief holiday or up to a week or more. While you will want to see significant places and dine in well known gourmet restaurants, allow time for serendipity. Do something off the cuff. Don’t plan every minute.

*Scale down on packing. Do not be a slave to your baggage. Be a minimalist for a change. Try to check only one bag and a couple of carry ons.

*Try to reserve a seat or a pair which will give you the most comfort and least hassle on the trip.

*Research the hotel(s) or other lodging where you will be staying. Assure yourself of the maximum comfort within your price range.

*Check on transportation which will reduce your discomfort getting from airport to hotel and other destinations.

*Don’t be afraid to sleep in one morning.

*Find out of the way spots for meals and cocktails. Make friends whenever you have a chance. Strike up conversations, explore the world around you. Leave your reserve and shyness at home.

*Practice allowing yourself to poke around in shops, antique stores, novelty places (not traps) just for the fun of it.

*Laugh a lot. Crane your neck. Make every minute an adventure.

Are you beginning to feel better yet? If not, then you may need to rethink your whole plan and decide on an itinerary that better satisfies you. Just do it. The adventure and the therapy will make it all worth your while.

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