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Musings About the Calendar

Two dates collide in our family every year.  Both come in the same month.  They mark my father’s birth, September 16, and my parents’ anniversary, September 19.  This year marked  Dad’s 97th year.  He died in 1995.  Mother and Dad would have celebrated their 76th year of marriage this year, having been married in 1936.  Mother is 92, approaching her birthday on November 2.

That gets more difficult to remember with each passing year.  The calendar calls with every turning of the page. It brings us up short to recall the significant events in one family’s history.  It nudges us to remember special occasions, events of moment like celebrations, but also passings and pains.

Most every year now brings up new and surprising episodes that require us to do a second take.  Can it be now that our lives intersect with so many upheavals.  A family member is diagnosed with a serious, possibly fatal, illness, a child suddenly faces graduation, a wedding reminds us that a favorite granddaughter has come of age.  On both sides of the family there are unique, sometimes somber, many times festive, occasions that remind us the calendar is calling.

Ebb and Flow of Life

Looking around the house, many calls of the calendar are remembered.  A favorite piece, given by a friend when we retired.  A wonderfully comfortable arm chair that allows for musings of many and much that has taken place around our hearth and near our heart.

How rapidly the pages fly by:  September, October, November and soon it is all ended and the new year, with new numbers, help us ready ourselves for echoes of more events which will soon be past.

Leaves begin their annual turn and fall.  The air is a little more crisp.  Fall gardening prompts us to look toward more changes yet to come.

Life is just this:  it comes upon us, leaves its impressions, and moves quietly on.  It invites us to mark our days with great affection and our time with deep appreciation.  Its coming, just as its passing, is heard in the call of the calendar.  Almost before we know the day, its passing is already upon us.

Make ready for when the calendar calls.  Let it be inviting, savor her for the moment she is here and away, enjoy the thrill of a new sun up and the wonder of one more day fading into night.  These are ours and ours to be received as the gifts they are.  These are, as the soap opera once reminded:  “the days of our lives.”

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