When Spring Springs This Year

Feb 19th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In another month, we will be preparing to host the arrival of spring.  With a winter that saw all but one state trying to overcome the blast of snow and freezing temperatures, we have had our surprises.   When slogging through winter, it seems spring is far away.  But come it will.  It may not be on our thresholds the very first day of spring.  It may tarry a while before knocking at our door, but we can ready ourselves for its very welcome arrival. 

Climate change is a very real phenomenon.  How it manfiests itself here and there is the folly of nature, Mother Nature, if you have forgotten.  Arguing the likelihood of whether there is climate change, is like arguing whether the earth will rotate, stars will flame out, the moon will change its shape. 

So much and so often are there changes which affect our solar system that decrying whether there will be change is a rather huge waste of time.  Trying to fool oneself into imagining the world is static reveals the inability to see how wonderful and vast are the changes. 

Where I live, every spring there are huge trees to be trimmed or removed.  They have lived out their life span.   Where I live there are beautiful budding trees and plants every spring, dogwood, plum, redbud, Washington Hawthorne, crepe myrtle, Alberta peach, Bradford Pear, all evidencing the welcome arrival of spring.  Where I live there are  deer and fox, rabbit and wild hogs.   Some critters are more welcome than others.  Armadillos and I carry on a frequent war, as do the moles and me. 

One can say, why all that proves is that the world is in its element and all is well.   The world is in its element, and we are in its spell.  What happens in that world, whether predictable or not, will continue to surprise and gift us with an ever changing environment that cannot be nailed down.

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