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Senior Health Issues

While uninvited, it is possible and quite predictable that a senior may be struck with several ailments or physical conditions at once. When this happens, one of the attendant dynamics is heading off the depression and difficulty that comes with dealing with such a deluge.

For some, it may more likely occur during the winter or colder months, when infections and illnesses seem more frequent.  However, as we age there are physical dynamics that seem to move in and proliferate at other times as well.

Assume, for example, the invasion of an intestinal disorder, which persists and requires continuing treatment and efforts at preventing dehydration.  A double whammy.  Or, with that a surgery procedure required by a specialist that will take several months of recovery.  This particular procedure carries with it certain disabling conditions that must be tolerated along with your other illness.  The need for exercise of course is ever demanding, but your COPD limits your ability to breathe well and to engage in activity that could otherwise be helpful.

As if these weren’t enough, your all over malaise contributes to inactivity and depression, tending toward spending too much time in a recliner, which is not helpful to your breathing and other conditions.

Coping is the Key

Taking charge is the desirable course. Being able to do so is also a challenge.  Sleeping in helps to some degree.  However, the need to be more active is a struggle with which your will and desire are at constant loggerheads.  Giving in and giving up are temptations of great appeal.  That only makes matters worse.  Fighting back is the only reasonable method of choice.  Heading off at least one of these maladies at a time may be a useful strategy.  Defeating one and taking on another may be your best prospect at beginning to find a return to normal.

Believing that a sense of normalcy can reemerge will give you hope and enable new vigor. Find something to do beyond the sedentary.  Take on the dragons of sloth and apathy.  Do not yield to the tendency to be defeated by illness.  Recruit the ranks of humor, accept the challenges of getting up, out and doing something that will stir your endorphins.  Get the dopamine moving.

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