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Preparing for Death

While one may quickly think of tributes and congratulations related to those who graduate from a school of learning during this season, it has nothing to do with that.  Although, it could.   Graduations mark an enormously important moment in a senior’s life experience.  It looks ahead, it relies on what has been learned, it anticipates what is next.  But the graduation to which we refer has nothing to do with these long expected occasions.  Indeed, this graduation is not a moment for gift giving, nor is it a time for attending huge ceremonies where diplomas are proffered.  Indeed it is a very solemn and  often sad moment.  My guess is you are catching my drift by now.

When seniors graduate, for those of us who have already been through all the matriculation opportunities  and exercises earlier in our life experience, the most remarkable graduation is upon our passing.  Death marks the final graduation.   The announcement is carried in the local newspaper, or these days, on the Internet.  A testament to this person’s life is recited.  Information is carried telling of the time and place of the last rites.  And, for those, who knew this individual, they come, if able.

Adjustments With Death and Loss

Among difficulties that come with this often are dealing with the element of surprise, being unable to attend the service of the departed, recognizing the loneliness of not being able to connect with this person again.  Being aware that one more has graduated.

Another of the adjustments that come with the graduation of a senior at death is being aware how many friends and loved ones are graduating.  We attended a church service the other day and were amazed how many of the members, we remember, are no longer a part of that precious community.  Graduates.  Some have been gone long enough that their memory has moved to  post graduate status.  How treasured is their part in our lives, even yet.

Among funeral hymns, one that holds special regard for many is “Precious Memories.”  For good reason.  It allows us, with appropriate sentiment, to reconnect with those with whom we will one day graduate to be, in spirit, among them.

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