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Seniors Looking for Good Times

Several temptations are lately looming up offering beguiling opportunities for seniors, and particularly for me.   Back in my early teens I owned a 1948 Willys Jeepster.  It was yellow, a convertible, stick shift, with all the bells and whistles that made it an enviable and enjoyable toy.  For some reason, now forgotten, I surrendered it and have regretted its loss ever since.

I am now in search of its replacement, an enjoyable undertaking that has sent me looking all over the country to try to find an identical replica.  They are out there and the temptation runs stronger on some days than others.

Toys, pastimes, hobbies, have a way of suggesting that our later life can have some of the thrill of our early life. Memory nudges us to be about identifying some ways to replace our reclaiming our past.  Sometime we succeed.  Sometime we find it to be a futile effort.

Memories Serve to Help Create Fun

Even though age may work against us, we nonetheless seek out those long ago experiences that helped give wonder and fun to our lives. And why not?  There is, as we age, little enough of the surprises and unexpected joys that come our way.

Finding ways to generate good times, recall long ago thrills, experiencing some of the first time satisfactions that gave our days something other than boredom are worthwhile efforts.

Maybe as days seem to fade into months when so much of life’s drudgery repeats itself over and over, we can free ourselves long enough to rediscover as much good times as we can allow ourselves to enjoy.  There is, I suggest, enough of the heaviness of living in these times that letting oneself be freed long enough to laugh and have some really good times and be given top priority.


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