When I Look Back What Do I See? Senior Citizen Musings

Mar 30th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

When I look back, I see time’s passage as too fleeting , revered relationships lost or misplaced, fond times forgotten, dear saints gone, abundant memories fading, rich and rewarding moments difficult to retrieve.

But, more than that I see a rich life full of gifts and treasures and friendships and occasions that have helped to instill within me an understanding and appreciation for the value of living a full and fruitful existence.  Without one, I suppose you can’t have the other.  No pain, no gain, no sorrow, no joy.  Our lives are born out of a variety of cycles.  Sometimes we are met with the good, at others we are faced with the sad and difficult.  One is no greater than the other.  It is that at the time, the bad seems so overwhelmingly hurtful.  And when it is good, it seems that we would wish it forever to remain. 

Learning from both requires that we allow both to run its course wihin us. We have no ultimate control over all our feelings.  When the negatives creep in upon us, it is ours to sort out how best to manage them, let them have their sway for a while, but then to release them and ourselves from their hold.  When we are surrounded by joy, it is ours to capitalize on that joy so that we enjoy the full benefit of its affect upon us.  Neither will be with us forever, they come and go.  Learn to move in and around them so that the best benefit is gained from the experience of having had their company.

Looking back can be its own trap.  Dwelling too much in the past can stunt the opportunities for present growth and pleasant  “now” moments.  Persons who begin to find themselves reflecting too much may be on the edge of some issues that suggest dementia or even that dreaded “A” disease, Alzheimer’s.  Appreciating the past and having the capacity to retrieve stories from it for the benefit of others and their entertainment is a good thing.  Becoming consumed by the “then,”  however, can be fraught with its own temptations and dangers. 

Finding opportunity to share with your grandchildren, and others, offers occasion for those children to share in the rich fullness of your life and to be blessed with memorable stories that will help them keep your presence in their lives, through memory, for years to come.

That is a highly valuable treasure to share with your family.  It is one that will enable immortality to be real, fond recollections to be added to those that others in your family will long enjoy.  It will increase what they will see when they look back.

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