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Seniors Manage Expectations

Days come when certain tasks absolutely, unequivocally, totally and completely have to be done. Days come, too, when having to do certain tasks simply have no appeal.  Getting up the strength, inititative, stamina, and desire seems to be a bigger undertaking than doing the job(s) itself.  Gotta Dos come, and they often come, after several well timed delays and put offs, when there is no way to ignore them any longer.

The I Don’t Wannas can be perilous.  They can keep you in bed longer, wrap you in all kinds of excuses, have you inventing every kind of delaying technique, learned and formerly used, when you were in elementary school.

The story is told of a man who awoke one Sunday morning declaring that he was not going to church that day.  His dear wife, already up and about, indicated that she had breakfast on the table and he really needed to get moving.  More moans, more excuses including his saying he really didn’t want to go and that he really didn’t see why she was making hm go.  In a short while, she returned to the bedroom, whereupon he launched into his strongest refusals and declared he was not going.  His spouse, once more, prodded him to go, this time by saying, “now dear, you simply must get up and get ready to go, after all you are the preacher.”

There are days like that for many of us.  Even those who are retired.  Even when we have legitimate cause to put off what is waiting to be done.  Retirement is, or can be, a lot like pre-retirement.  One can get overwhelmingly involved with commitments, things to do, places to go, people to meet, errands to run, promises to fulfill. Some are heard to say that they have no idea how they got everything done pre-retirement, since they are so busy in retirement.

This is not a defense for doing nothing.  It is a characterization of how we go about managing our time, structuring our days, getting the chores accomplished, that eventually will wait no longer.  The Gotta Dos are always out there.  They will allow for a few necessary cancellations, but, by and by, they will surface again.

Time Management is Key

Calendaring your monthly tasks is one way to balance “have tos” with “maybes.” Maybes, likely will have a less urgent demand attached to them.  Prioritizing means being sure the things like dental appointments get met, oil changes get done, replacement of  tires is addressed, an errand to the Hardware store for a part to repair the toilet rises to the top of your list.

Sorting out the kinds of things that can be clumped together in one trip may be helpful. If you really dread certain of the awaiting tasks, imagine how much better you will feel to be able to remove several of them all at once.  Recruiting others to assist you with your “Gotta  Dos” may work. Depends on who it is and what chore is needing attention.  If you wait for your son to be home for a weekend, or is coming over for a dinner, you might, if the weather is good, convince him you need help with various of your tasks.   Good Luck!

If you have divided up responsibilities with the person with whom you live, it likely won’t work to convince him/her to take on your awaiting jobs.  Likely, it will be necessary for you to grin and bear it.

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