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Senior Citizen Friendships

There is a commercial which depicts a guy loading a truck while in the process of moving. A neighbor shows up, the guy asks ” you wanna help?” The neighbor’s reply, “no, I’m good.” Not very good, if he can’t volunteer to do some heavy lifting.

We had dinner with friends a while back when the subject of our move was brought up. Without missing a beat, one of the guests said, “I’m great at packing. I’ll help.” And she has every day since beginning this arduous task. She and another friend have been here to do the necessary duty of helping us be ready for the movers.

Now that’s friendship! No one likes to move, it is an exhausting, seemingly never ending undertaking. No one likes to lift and wrap and pack and fit items in boxes until it is all done. But, some really do demonstrate a definition of friendship when they step up to the plate and are there for you and with you.

Bonding Time With Friends

In addition to the much needed assistance has been the satisfaction of shared humor, getting better acquainted, enjoying each others company. There is nothing quite like spending time at a common task to blend a stronger relationship, to bind a camaraderie that is sure and sincere. Its easy to say hello across a fence.  What’s harder is being ready to pick up a task and see it through. Its easy to say hello, but its more difficult to spend hours at helping out a neighbor, when you know they really need it. Friendship’s definition is given real substance when you are there to do, to offer, and to perform.

When it comes to neighboring, it is of more value to be a neighbor than to offer a hollow hello or a wavering wave. No, friendship is seen and done and known when you are there for the other, when you are up to taking on the task, when your offer is sincere and your follow through is definite.

Next time, a neighbor asks if you would like to help, don’t reply with “no, I’m good,” just be genuinely good.

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