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Seniors Moving Again

With only a few short days pressing down upon us before the Auction Crew and Moving Truck arrive, the deadline of having everything packed and in place presses more heavily upon us.

The inevitable looms and with it the pressure of having to do more than human effort should require. The demands, choices and decisions not only create the circumstance, but the will to accomplish what must be done.

It is not helpful to anticipate what awaits at the other end.  Its demands and choices will nudge you into accomplishing what must be when the time comes.

Exhaustion notwithstanding the necessity of achievement will prevail.

Moving is among the least enjoyable of human experiences. It, along with the flu and sundry other ailments that befall us,  seems to be in charge and takes full control.

Distasteful Deadlines

There are other deadlines which press upon us with equal distaste.  Mention your own, and to mind will come others.  Things like waiting for surgery, having your house remodeled.    Those are biggies.  There are others which come with equal distaste.

But, the nature of distaste is that, like eating eggplant or liver, it soon goes away.

Deadlines just are.  Fighting them doesn’t speed them up.  Likely they become more oppressive.  And, another thing, the more obsessive you are about packing and  organizing, in the case of moving at least, the more difficult it will be to reach that ever beckoning deadline.

So, whatever it is in your life right now, for which a deadline has been set, give yourself a moment of grace, a period of patience and tolerance.   This too will pass.


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