What Gift Do You Bring?

May 12th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Of the several million now who have been overcome by the amazing talent of Susan Boyle, I find myself wondering, with daily frequency, what gifts are out there yet to be uncovered?

This column gave advice sometime ago about all the treasures and unknown valuables that are hiding in our attics and garages and basements and who knows where. Those might be easy to discover and identify.

But what about the gifts that are hidden in our hearts and voices and minds and stuffed behind our shyness and our reluctance and our lack of belief in ourselves.

Not all of us will experience the wonder of Susan’s remarkable moment of discovery. That is okay. But any of us who muster the courage to try deserve the chance to do so. Not all of us will catch the golden ring, but coming to that moment when we believe in ourselves, take a risk and push the boundaries will also open a new depth of appreciation of who we are and what we can offer.

Playing an instrument, writing a poem, painting an original, designing a sculpture, opening new windows to new ideas and new stimulations never before known may give you the very treasure toward which your life has been moving.

Perhaps you have always wanted to compose the lyrics to a moving melody, or write short stories, or offer inspiration in unexpected ways. Why not? Who said you can’t? Whoever stands or has stood in the way, allow them to be excused. Offer your gift. We who await you will know that your gift is special and your reward will come in ways we cannot now imagine.

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