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Senior Citizen Perception

More and more, as one walks in the garden, there seem to be more weeds than flowers. This winter seemed to bring more moisture, more cloudy days than usual.  Not being a climatologist, I can’t declare for sure, but it seemed so.  Thus, the weeds have seemed to proliferate, while those more sensitive and fragrant, more colorful and butterfly-attracting floral species are less in abundance.

One may wonder whether it is more perception than reality.  Maybe one is guided more by one’s visual experience than the ability to see it all in a colorful light of fresh and flavorful wonder.

Is this more of a slanted view of the world out there, as spring seems to take on its appearance?  Is our ability to see the world made brighter or dimmer by whatever else is going on in it? Could it be that, as we age, our sensory sensitivity of sight is made less sharp, more dull, less inclined to capture the wonders of creative brilliance?  Maybe our ability to see through to the beauty of the gifts of a prolific presence of a multicolored landscape has been blocked by our troubled view of the world.

Appreciating Beauty is a Choice

Maybe what we need, along with a sharpening of our vision, is an appreciation of all there is out there to see. Maybe our view has been blurred by a world view that excludes too much of the wonder and magnificence of the ever evolving and always entertaining universe.

Because of my own experience this year at having had my fourth corneal transplant, I have been reminded all over again of how precious one’s vision really is.  I know the thrill of seeing individual leaves, the mystery of picking out selected pebbles upon the ground.  I have had called to mind the miracle of sight, the thankfulness of seeing, the wonder of seeing the world as well as participating in it.  The view is made finer and more to enjoy when one has failed to realize all that one sees is a gift.  Now, it is full in its splendor, it is satisfying in the way everything breaks through.

Roses, weeds, flowers, all of the natural wonders come to their fore when our vision is sharpened and what we see is appreciated.

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