Was There Anything That Made This Day Worthwhile?

Jul 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Was there anything that made this day worthwhile?  No one can answer this question for you.  The expenditure of today’s available time and energy was all up to you.  Admittedly, in public, we would like to declare that it was all good, productive, worthwhile.  But, come on, really how did you invest the day in ways that made a significant difference for you and perhaps others?

It is incredibly easy to fall into the trap of apathetic inactivity.  It is enormously tempting to let your body dictate how little you do.  Not now, we say, maybe later, we urge!  It isn’t just procrastination, it is downright melancholy and lack of motivation.  It is surrendering to not having demands.  It is giving up to not being pressed for ideas or even active involvement in anything.  Some are motivationally driven.  Some find purpose in day to day giving and living. Others of us just give up and give in. 

This column attracts people literally from all over the world.  I would so like to have opportunity to meet you, to know you, to become acquainted with what drives you from day to day.  You spend time coming here, which suggests you are curious, hoping, at least, that something will be offered to help give some inspiration, motivation, meaning to your day.  Thank you for the compliment. Thank you for the visit.

Struggling for meaning in retirement is a day to day challenge and an energy consuming enterprise.  If you have a hobby, that helps. Sports oriented types find that useful and stimulating.  Organizationally and volunteer minded souls offer much to others and discover much for themselves.  What made this day worthwhile is a discovery  required for us to undertake everyday.  Without it, we begin to be caught up in the mystique of nothingness.  Nothing matters, nothing inspires, nothing drives us.  It was just another day.  How utterly sad and lonesome and defeating.

At the end of any day, the important thing is to identify some one thing that made you feel good about yourself, about your presence in the world, about your relationship with someone else, about having breathed and taken from the world as well as having given back to it.  Did that happen today?  What will it take to help make it happen tomorrow?

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