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‘Visual Steps’ for Windows 7, a Book and a Website

SCJ recently received an invitation to review a book, Internet and E-mail for SENIORS with Windows 7, For senior citizens who want to start using the Internet. What a magnificent resource for those of us who grew up on manual typewriters!

Visual Steps is “…dedicated to helping individuals over the age of 50 participate in the cyber-age. Visual Steps develops practical and accessible computer handbooks, user guides and other instructional materials for the older person.”  The concept underlying these resources for seniors is based on the special needs and requirements of the mature individual.

Take a closer look at some of the features of the Visual Steps Concept. Each product:

  • Allows you to start right away learning in a friendly, fun, hands-on manner.
  • Uses a larger print format that is easier on the eyes.
  • Contains easy to understand, visually oriented, step by step instructions.
  • Has an extensive use of screen shots and illustrations.
  • Features practical, useful information, tips and helpful hints.
  • Offers special help topics for do-it-yourself error correcting.
  • Includes follow-up exercises to reinforce your new skills and increase your confidence.
  • Offers an extensive index.

Seniors Learn to Use the Internet and E-mail

The book teaches senior citizens to surf the World Wide Web to find information they desire, to send and receive e-mails and contact others using the Internet, to download free software from the Internet, and to protect their computer from spyware and viruses.

I found the illustrations and screen shots amazingly helpful.  Many books provide illustrations that are somewhat difficult to follow, and a lot of interpretation has to be done.  Visual Steps offers screen shots and illustrations, with just enough information to be able to understand and follow the instructions.  There is just enough information to master each step, without the gobbledy-gook of an author trying to impress you with her/his knowledge.  Love it!

The book is supported by the website, http://www.visualsteps.com/internet7.   Since all of the resources are based on self-study, you can download PDF files that are instructional guides to add more support for the senior beginning to use the Internet and E-mail.  Additional books are also available, and SCJ readers are invited to peruse the website for other resources you may want for your personal library.

Kudos to the Visual Steps editors for making cyberspace available to those of us over 50!

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