Tripping Up Traps of Aging

Jul 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Recognizing and knowing how to foil the traps of aging is  critical to healthy aging. The traps of aging are often subtle, creep up on us in disguise, slip into our everyday behaviors and habits, until we have  been held captive and hostage by them.

A cousin of mine, while only in the early stages of being a senior, has already begun showing signs that create discomfort for others.  Still in business, ordinarily in good spirits, an attitude of negative criticism seems to be taking over.  It is a sad reflection on an otherwise humorous and hale fellow well met personality.  Unless there are checks and balances put in place soon, he will begin to notice people avoiding him, his business being influenced, his friends excusing themselves from his presence. 

So two of the traps of aging are being negative and critical about everything and everybody. 

Losing one’s sense of humor is another.  One of the deadly signs of nearing a trap or already having fallen into it is not finding humor in daily life.  Taking life too seriously and expecting everyone else to do so, is a sure fire trap to create bitter and uncomfortable experiences for you and those who surround you.

Focusing on health issues, i.e. your own, to the exclusion of almost everything else in conversations, will chase people away almost as quickly as announcing you have a contagious cold.  Recitations upon your health, your aches, pains and sundry other personal complaints not only bores others it doesn’t improve your own condition. 

Admitting to limits of aging will draw more criticism than admiration. Older persons who are reluctant to deal with the realities of aging, pretending that they are still younger than they really are, often creates embarrassment.  Persons who alter their hair color often look less attractive than if they left it au naturale.  Refusing to use assistive devices is not an indication of strength, rather it is an invitation to an accident. Further, it doesn’t demonstrate exercising good judgment.  That will threaten people who do not want to be liable for an unfortunate fall or other trip up.

Aging gracefully is an experience in blending body and mind into a concoction of  a unique and lovable personality who is rewarding to know, gratifying to be around, enriching to experience.  Yielding to the traps of aging, and falling into them, is to end up a person without magnetic and endearing qualities. 

Be on the lookout to avoid being tripped up by the traps of aging.

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