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Signs of Aging

As seniors age all kinds of signs appear to remind us of occurrences that suggest change in our physical and psychological state of being. These are often obvious, sometimes subtle, frequently temporary.

Others are daily symbols of our having passed one milestone or another.  Just the other day, a two hour respite (?) in the dental chair indicated that enough time had passed that major attention was required.  At the same time that is happening, I am recovering from a corneal transplant, my fourth, which indicates that my inherited difficulty with vision continues in my 70’s.

During the current influenza outbreak, we are taking caution to avoid crowds, staying in, and having had our flu shots to escape being laid low by that illness.

While fear of major illnesses (see Woody Allen’s column on Hypochondria in the New York Times) may contribute to unnecessary anxiety, there are some that legitimately should be watched with care and examined with periodic discipline.

Be Sensible About Aging

Aging is not a time to spend our lives dreading the next foray to a physician’s office or the next major examination portending possible fearful consequences. It is a time to find ways to balance good health with appropriate steps that help keep us in healthy habits of living out our lives.

Some resist walking with a cane or other assistive device.  It is, however, useful if keeping one’s balance and avoiding falling is the goal.  Preventive measures, while sometimes an insult to our egos, may be necessary to sustain our ability to act and interact with others.

Aging is not an enemy to be fought, it is a condition to be met.  Meeting it often means having to make adjustments, realizing limitations that are created by a change in conditions, acknowledgment of conditions that require dealing with different dynamics than those to which you have been accustomed.

Aging is a reality of our having to meet adjustments in our habits, routines and living experiences.  Meeting them with acceptance and an understanding of what has to be changed in our behaviors will make it easier on everyone to cope with those changes. So pick up that cane, remember where you put your dentures and wear the trifocals as required.  They are all a part of growing older gracefully.

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