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Senior citizens carry a variety of concerns around with them these days.  Issues vary from one person to another, but there are likely some commonalities as well.  SCJ recently found a post on the query list that identifies search terms our readers use to find topics of interest.  Someone inquired about the top 10 concerns of seniors.

We thought we might give it a stab, knowing that, unlike Dave Letterman, we won’t be able to come up with such humorous and prosaic lists as he does.  But here are the ones SCJ editors generally agree could likely be the top ten.

Here goes:

  • To stay healthy.
  • To be financially secure.
  • To encourage love in my life.
  • To worry less and be happy more.
  • To enjoy my spouse (partner), family and my own person every day.
  • To be open to new adventures.
  • To be kind, thoughtful and caring to others.
  • To have a reason to be.
  • To feel safe.
  • To discover and sustain contentment in my life.

This is my list and only mine.  While it may  not speak for you, why not make your own list? It might be a good exercise for us seniors to identify the top ten concerns in one’s life.  Post it somewhere prominently so you are reminded of it and allow it to open a window to your soul. Use your own words.  Explore your own deepest desires and wishes.  Discuss it with trusted friends and family members.

Check on yourself now and again to be sure you are addressing your list of concerns as completely as possible.  Change it, modify it, rework it as necessity and insight demand.  Strive to be happy and good and whole in all that you do.

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