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Contentment for Senior Healthy Living

Where can seniors find contentment in our increasingly complex world? No day passes that more and more disasters, natural and provoked, occur.  Day after day, Breaking News interrupts the “normal” flow of life’s routine to report yet another cataclysmic occurrence.  Headlines and newscasters try to out distance each other with the details of tragic events.  Where can contentment be found?

Tips for Senior Contentment

Here are a few possible hints at finding and savoring some semblance of contentment in our day to day efforts to bring calm to our part of the world where we live:

* Turn down the sound or turn off the source. If the blaring of bad news and incessant arguments over the latest episode leaves you wilted with emotional fatigue eliminate the flood by turning off the faucet.

* Invite serenity into your life early on in the day.  Continue with input from means that afford positive inspiration.

* When in conversations with persons who want to pump up and perpetuate the rendering of additional negativity, excuse yourself from them or find a detour for the conversation that lends itself to a more pleasant outcome.

* Substitute other sources of information that will offer an atmosphere to dispel the ugly and profane attempts to disturb your peace.

* If the telephone, cell phone, Ipad and other contemporary sources of interruption holds too much power in your daily experience, leave it in a drawer, turn off the appliance, refuse calls. Let those who are important to you know what you have done to prevent their worry and avoid their knocking at your door.

*Take control of your own disposition and contributors to it.  There are no expectations that you must respond to every stimulus that comes along.

*Make peace the goal of your daily life. To do so, exhibit, by your behavior, calm and a personal attitude of contentment and self confidence.  Let no one take away your own choices to allow tranquility to be foremost in your experience.

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