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Seniors: The Case for Pets

Our home includes three pets. They are all rescues.  Pets for senior citizens can be a way to live healthier and more serene lives. In our 37 year marriage, we have never been without a pet for any long period of time. These three, varying in breed, offer companionship, affection, laughter, an active and stimulating presence every day.

Our present living arrangement, along with these three, includes my spouse and me and my 93 year old mother. At least two of the three dogs are found frequently surrounding Mother in her favorite rocking chair. The reinforcement they bring to her aids her in meeting some of the foibles of aging, encourages her to be attentive to activity beyond herself, and showing affection while receiving it.

These elements of daily living provide for a household that is not self-centered, but other-centered. Such is the prescription for good endorphins influencing the dynamics of the five of us who occupy this household.

Therapeutic Value of Pets

They awake early enough to get us up and going. They play among themselves, offering us the gift of laughter as they tussle among themselves. They remind us the time of day when they insist upon their meal time. They make their way outside, through their own dedicated doggie door, as often as is required. They are independent, insisting upon a lap as often as they desire one.

They are good medicine. Their influence is an elixir that cannot be duplicated. They are good friends, loving companions, intent watchdogs.

If you have not yet discovered how therapeutic a pet can be, it may be that you will want to investigate a rescue. They have ways of rewarding you for your gift to them. They have a way of reminding you how precious they can be. They will find ways to work their will on you and steal your heart. The only downside is when you and they have to be separated for brief intervals. But, the reunion you experience, when back together, makes up for that.

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