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Empty Bucket Days!

Creative thinking doesn’t always produce desirable results.  There are days like this.  There are days when the mind goes empty and the ideas just don’t come. There are times when, try as one might, ideas are elusive and inspiration is void.  There are times when coming up with something clever or insightful just doesn’t happen.  Sometimes the mind seems to go dormant.  This can be a real handicap for one who attempts to be present here six days out of seven.  Sometimes the days are full of possibilities.  There comes a flood of possibilities.  One writes down the thought, but in time the bucket goes empty.  Today it is empty.

Reaching out for a concept, a seed, a glimmer of a thought, a clever nudge seems to prompt nothing.  It just isn’t there.  So far more than 2000 articles have found and taken root here.  Why not now?  This is like a drought.  One looks to the sky for rain, but nothing comes.  Why today is the sky so blue and empty?  Even while struggling with this predicament, nothing seems to come.  There are days like this.

There are days when the need for a great idea, even a moderately good one, seems to produce nothing but a void.  Waiting, looking, searching, hoping for some fragile thought to  free itself, but nothing comes.

When one sought to write a paper in school, the deadline always loomed.  The prospect of handing in an empty page was anathema.  The need to come up with something that would produce a respectable B-, the ticking of the clock reminding you that the minutes were disappearing, just as your anxiety was growing.  Still nothing comes.

There are days like this.  There are days when motivation is simply absent.  There are days when productive energy is lacking and in its place comes that empty feeling that no matter what nothing comes to the fore. There are days like this.  This is one of them for me.  I hope you have few and your tomorrows will be more abundantly filled with satisfaction.  Come back tomorrow to see if I have recovered.

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