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A Search for Solutions

A friend of the 88 year old WWII veteran who was killed in Spokane, apparently at random, said after the death was reported, that all there seemed to be anymore is “bad news.”

There may be something to be said for that, but that something is not a response of anger, threat of retribution on others, or reinforcement of hate and suspicion. The tension between trying to keep the peace and waging more venomous attacks continues, it appears, unabated.

There is so much wrong with our world today that attempting to right it evokes the temptation to throw up one’s hands and just give up.

Cultures and societies are ripe for overreaction when there is multiplied injustice, malicious moods, and antagonistic retaliation.

More Violence is Not The Answer

Police states emerge when such behaviors are let loose on frustrated citizens, who are subject to dissatisfaction with the lack of imposed controls. The answer is far more complex than, as in Syria, the use of poison gas, or in Egypt, the viciousness of military crowd control.  There is something more underneath these uprisings.  No culture, no society is immune from their happening.  Giving up and turning over the fight to those whose orders are to attack, or to those whose only option seems to be violence will not and cannot be the seeds of solution.  More and more, violence seems to feed on itself, until many surrender to the temptation to just give up.

History teaches that humankind, without the presence of peaceful means for problem solving , will crumble and fall on its own sword of retaliation and retribution. Identifying the means for defining that peaceful means has been and remains the struggle of civilization.

Giving up or adding to the arsenal of weapons to kill one another, neither is a viable solution for coping with the “bad news” of our time.

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