The Mean Green Tea Revolution

Sep 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Doors unopened, windows nailed shut, closets unexplored….until a knock comes from the other side of that door, a baseball comes flying through that window, that closet is finally revealed with all its treasures.

That is what it has been like since undergoing the new discipline of writing this blog. Just today a new opportunity was introduced, yesterday an invitation came to edit the publication of a new book, windows and doors and closets are flying open all over the place. And, I thought my dotage had already set in. Not on your “sweet bippy.” Here I am on the threshold of 70 and it begins to feel as if I have discovered the secret to the late George Burns in the line from the song “I wish I were 18 again…..and going where I’ve never been.”

Today’s opportunity has to do with Green Tea, of all things. So start looking for and Googling green tea, because we are going to be in the middle of that phenomenon. Talk about Green! This is green for the body and mind and soul. How about discovering the benefits of ingesting green tea known for centuries in Japan and China? Learn the possibilities for increasing longevity through the drinking of green tea. Become a connoisseur of green teas, discovering the ones that offer the best advantages.

Today, I am just getting my palate ready. I don’t know a lot about green tea, but I soon will and invite you to join me. Having had cancer, needing every health advantage I can, I am anxious to open those doors, if necessary break those windows, and certainly to clean out those closets.

So join the Mean Green revolution. Begin finding all the ways you can help make your body green. Breathing clean air, drinking pure water, ingesting healthy and quality foods are as important to reducing your carbon footprint as driving pollution free automobiles, cutting down on your in home energy use, avoiding plastics and other offenders of our environment.

I am not a “this will change your life” type on everything new that comes along (of course, green tea is certainly not new) it may give you the chance to experiment with better habits which may offer some changes to your health. That is the goal of persons who care about what they eat and how they behave, and how sensitive they are to continuing to learn.

Join the Mean Green revolution. Ignore those who may call you a “tree hugger.” Frankly, trees are still among the earth’s most medicinal properties. And, isn’t it time more of us hugged trees before there are no more to hug.

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