The Complete Grandchild

Jun 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Since we are in Father’s Day Month, it seems timely to address the value, the wonder, the sneaky ways grandchildren have at capturing your hearts.  They are much like cats.  If you have read the book, “The Silent Meow,” you will know what I mean.  They slip surreptitiously into your heart.  They know how to manifest and express love in ways that catch you off guard.  They are ever and forever there in front of you with that mystic smile, those endearing words, those enchanting manners.

Affection which comes by way of grandchildren, however identified, is a gift without price.  It catches you in moments you don’t expect.  Our youngest comes by way of a second marriage, thus she isn’t biological, but she is a miracle of love, kindness, sensitivity, warmth, happy snuggles and wonderful idiosyncrasies.  (She will need help with that word.)  But when she runs up to me with a hug, a smile and a “I love you, Grampa,” she is The Complete Grandchild.  No other qualifications are necessary, no other suggestions as to what makes a grandchild a grandchild matter.  She is fully, unconditionally, my granddaughter.  She is not by how she became, but just by who she is, how she acts out affection, how she demonstrates caring and thoughtfulness.  There is nothing pretend or phony, no contrived behavior.  It is all genuine and full of ordinary affection.  She always remembers to say “Thank you, Grampa!”  She is always  considerate and kind.  She is always just there as a companion who seems to enjoy the company of her grandparents.  What a treasure that is. 

She is now here for the summer.  It will go by too fast, much too fast.  We will see her less often than we would like, but as with our other grandchildren, she is dealing with the agenda of growing up, of being with others, of developing that wonderful character that is already being shaped, full of humor and fun.  This is for you, our dear youngest.  Don’t pass us by too fast.  Allow us some time to relish the wonderful moments of love that only you can give.

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