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Jul 14th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

A  holiday of several days in the San Francisco area was  rewarding, fulfilling and delicious.  We were there primarily for a visit with our son, who has lived in San Francisco for 15 years.  He knows the city like the back of his hand and is quick to identify great places to dine, wonderful sights to see and pleasant ways to spend our time and daily energy.  He is a musician, plays the drums, and was part of the featured group to play at a Friday night cultural event at the deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park.  Sounds impressive.  It was and were we ever proud of him and happy to be there. 

We stayed at a little boutique hotel near his apartment.  We walked a couple of blocks for coffee and rolls every morning.  We spent our days sightseeing.  We had been to the Bay before, but had not always taken the time to see some of the more famous and less touristy spots.  We found one, thanks to the Smithsonian Magazine, south of San Francisco known as “Filoli-a lavish early 20th century estate that is the last of its kind…”  It is a must see.  About 100,000 persons stop in to visit the 36000 square foot mansion and acres of gardens every year.  You really should be one of them. 

We went to Twin Peaks, high on a windy hill,  which overlooks the entire city of San Francisco.  We enjoyed the several steps climb up to Coit Tower and the mid depression art work covering its walls.  We strolled through a City Guide tour of the palatial  Grand Palace Hotel, (simply incredible architecture), with a luncheon in the Garden Court celebrating its 1909 anniversary.   On Sunday we experienced the Ferry Market Place, full of booths of organic foods and an international cast of people, souvenir hawkers, drummers and eye candy everywhere.  We ate sushi until we thought we might be able to swim and we saw the wind surfers, risking their lives and my courage, on Ocean Beach. It was that kind of trip.

But, the best part of the trip was our several hours of being with and doing all these things with our son.  We are so proud of him and find him to be a young man whose world view is a challenge and whose familiarity with one of the great cities of the world is a treat for anyone who wants to get acquainted with San Francisco.  He is both artist and musician, playing drums with Afrolicious at the Elbo Room and with AudioBraille.  

The buttons have all popped off our shirts.  Thanks for the memories, Joel.

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  1. Dear Jerry and Sharon, how nice when parents can say: we are so proud of our son…. when the family can spend special time together. Hope all “the Seniors” that read you may follow your example. You are so lucky to have an artist and musician son! But things begin when they are really so young, little boys and girls, and those boys and girls are so lucky too to have parents that really care about them. It´s an exchange of values, you care about them and they care about you!! No dad or mom will be forgotten by the family when they have always experienced love together, it´s something that will last forever…. Sílvia.

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