The Best Part of the Day

May 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Just returned from walking our two “princes of the family,” a daschund and a papillion, Zeb and Patton.  The cool part of the day, in Arizona, is the most desirable time for such exercise, our little daschund, less than ten pounds is the leader of the pack. He is into power walks.

Since surgery, it has been a long time coming to the discipline and decision for me to walk briskly and have the satisfaction of seeing results. They seem to have a sense that Dad needs the encouragement and they help provide the initiative and the company.

So, my wonderful spouse and I take off on a journey, led by them, enjoying our morning conversation, and the cool desert air. It really is the best part of the day.

Our endorphins are popping, our emotions on a high, our choices for the day in the process of being made. As a retiree there are many choices, the best part, however, is having the option of choosing from among them.

What I know is that our two pets don’t allow ignoring choosing them. They are literally in our face until the leashes go on and the front door is opened to another beckoning adventure. For them and us, that is the best part of the day!

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