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Negative Politics Becoming Tiresome

With all the blatantly ugly shenanigans going on politically in every arena, do you seniors have little to no appetite for politics in these months leading up to November? The indifferent exclamation of “who cares” about seems to say it.  There is so much rough shod treatment of the American public.  There is little respect shown to the voter.  There is almost no  regard for those who elect those who disregard so readily.  Is it going to make any real difference when the election season finally ends that we paid attention?  If so the difference may be that matters only get worse, elected “officials” only more insensitive.  There are a few left.  To name one, Bernie Sanders, who still tries to stand up for the self interest of the American public.  There aren’t many who demonstrate that statesmanship is still alive and well.

What is thriving?  Manipulation, money grubbing, anger, accusations, disregard for the real issues affecting the body politic.  It is a sad and sorry time.  Some, like Mark Twain and Will Rogers, are needed once more to put the onus where it belongs.  Alas, there are few who get past the incredibly corrupt and low life politicians who show no regard for the public voter and the needs that bespeak caring.

It will be a real challenge to walk up to that voting booth this fall.  It is likely to take more courage and fortitude than we have been exercising in recent years.   Getting past those sneaky ones who would deny the right to vote by many will be challenge aplenty.  Making one’s way through the maze of signs and past the insulting commercials will take the willingness of those who close their ears and shut their eyes to  the abundance of ridicule we will have experienced by then.

Sorting Through the Noise

When it comes down to it, we will be compelled to act out of conscience, not rumor, not bought and sold lies, not huge financial donors who seek to have the election turn their way for their benefit only. No, it will take more insight and studied thought and generous commitment for the country we say we love so much.  Our allegiance will be sorely tested in these months ahead.  Our careful examination of the real issues and the deep down hurts, that so many know in this time, will be necessary.

It will mean needing to take into account the poor, the desperately ill, those who have little and suffer much.  It will take recognizing that ignoring the desperate will not allow us to hold our heads high.  It will mean that we will have shown, in our strength of commitment, what it means to stand up for right, to defend those who are so often pushed aside. It will mean that our middle class set of values will need to be shared with those who find it hard to eke by at all.

Doing What is Right

If there is to be any appetite for politics at all, it will take our standing up and speaking out.  It will take our determination to see that there are more who care for others than those who just don’t give a damn at all.

For once in the collective lives of those who seem to have a sense of what it means to be a true patriot, our deep down convictions will be tested.  Our awareness of what it means to have an appetite for politics will be pushed to the limit.  We will need to stand against those who would take over and push aside and show nothing but apathy for the hard working citizens who have had to stand up in the face of real sacrifice to make it in today’s terrible  struggles.   We will need to go beyond artificial flag waving, shallow parades and rallies that seek to stir us up for causes that are not ours.  We will need to work up an appetite for politics that sees us defending the cause of right and truth and honesty and integrity and downright pure sincerity.  No longer shall we be managed by those with money and disdain for the majority of us who want a country that allows us all an equal part in the dream of democracy.

Now is ours to seize the moment of what it means to really be dedicated to the proposition that all “men and women are created equal.”

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