Ten Least Liked Subjects or Personalities

Jul 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

 I have reported here how little respect and appreciation I have for the bad news of our times and those who proffer it.  It seems that bad news and negative commentaries, much of which is aimed at senior citizens, have become a major industry, a big item on the New York Stock Exchange.  Those who have cultivated it (is that the right word?) are harvesting millions just to sound the rage of anger and disapproval, despair and disdain of the world about us.  They trumpet their hate, their suspicions and paranoia and spew it out upon the ears and eyes of those of us who can choose to believe them, to allow them into our conscious understandings, to distort our own ability to think through issues. 

There will be those who will rush to defend these charlatans of the truth.  They will need to protect them, as if they were tiny seedlings, seeking to take root or wingless birds needing to be nurtured.  That is how the mongering becomes full grown.  They are allowed to take over an otherwise healthy garden.  They are urged to push away the other songbirds whose beautiful singing would give the day more enjoyable encouragement.  Listen, each day when you make your choices of what to hear.

Try to develop the means by which you can filter the mean and vitriolic, the unbalanced, unhinged and invite only the more healthy, the well thought through and the good.  Perhaps some will enjoy a diet of unhealthy stimulation that gives no nourishment. Such creates its own negative consequences.  A strict regimen of such can only produce predictable results.  Working to develop a discipline of readily admitted and enriching insights will result in living more calmly and having a mind that is made more stable and serene.  Try it for 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied, you may want to examine why not.

Here they are, folks. These are among those who prompt the least satisfying mind food for me.   Add yours if you like or create your own list.


Sarah Palin

Michelle Bachman

Tea Party

Rush Limbaugh

Glenn Beck

Bill O ‘Reilly

Sharon Angle

Rand Paul

Ann Coulter

This list is quite brief.  Unfortunately, there are numerous more and growing all the time.   There are more daily who discover the “benefits” to them of using their rage to promote their self interest. There are those who have chosen to espouse the most base instincts of the human race, to needle and cajole until others have joined their gang of thugs who promote disregard of others.  It is sad to live among them.  It is devastating to see them reap benefits from the most vile of motives and language.  Once there was a country whose purpose was to exalt the finer qualities of a shared existence.  No more.  We have been reduced to the most despicable of behaviors.  We don’t care for others and their crying needs.  We think only of those who would instigate fear and hate and calumny.  If they are our heroes, then we must rue the day that their venom spreads further and its insidious bile sickens us all.

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