Temptation Aside, We Avoid Politics On Senior Moments

Jul 16th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

As rich as the subjects are for political dialog, discussion, comment and rages, we choose generally to try to avoid them here. Early on, we tried a few and our numbers didn’t suggest that was a favored subject among our readers.  There are enough bloggers, commentators and sundry others who seem to fill that gap quite overwhelmingly and often unnecessarily. 

Critical as the subjects are, e.g. health care, supreme court nomination, stimulus issues, baling out bankrupt companies, ad nauseum, my guess is most who attempt to address these matters do so by adding heat, but little light.  

My guess is the stuff we do put up every day, except weekends, holds its own special appeal for our worldwide audience of readers.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t still be hammering out our comments and insights every day. 

Dealing with the personal and familial and economic, apart from politics, health, attitude and psychology of growing older has become our forte”.  It may have a limited, but loyal, appeal.  That’s okay with us.  Generally, when dining alone in a restaurant or bar, I don’t try to talk to the whole room, I choose one person with whom a conversation might develop. 

Often, the initiative and topic comes from the other person, or just some one liner comment, or an off  hand observation.  From there, a genuinely intriguing and stimulating discussion ensues.  That’s what I find fun.  I find it fun and provocative to post a title, like the one above, or yesterday’s, just to see what comes from it.  Its a little like talking to yourself, but as an only child, I have done that all my life. 

The other realization arrives when one discovers it to be quite possible to carry on conversations without wandering into the morass, and often dangerous field of politics. If  losing friends is your goal, that is a very likely place for such to happen.  Politics is a subject which has to be chosen very carefully, almost gingerly, while knowing something about your partner to be in conversation.  In groups, circles where acquaintances are fresh, it is better to leave the matter be. 

While this column is not a policy statement, neither can it be “settled law.”  One never knows when someone in the group will launch a missle of hostile disagreement or declaration in the midst of an otherwise pleasant occasion. The best thing to do in this case is to take cover, excuse yourself, leave, beg off, find the bar and another companion with whom to strike up an entirely different subject. 

For our part, we are allowed some control here.   In the face of such discord and disturbing challenges. it is our choice to avoid politics, certainly not the only possible volatile discussion which can be had, but certainly high on the list.

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