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The Future of our Life-Line Insurance Programs

Many of us seniors continue to be concerned about the future of Social Security and Medicare.  Politicians in younger generations hold the reins to our two life-line insurance programs.  Sometimes we feel helpless about what we can do to ensure the security of our future, and that of our children.

Some of us take the time to telephone our representatives or email them regarding our opinions about their positions and vote-casting.  And some times we feel helpless, believing that even offering our opinions doesn’t make any difference, particularly when our opinions differ from the positions our representatives take.

The Power of Group Opinion

We are all aware that groups carry more power to influence opinion than individuals.  When groups begin to coalesce around issues, they gain media attention and power is exercised through the expression of their concerns. They get attention, and the bigger the group, the more attention they receive.  Senior citizens now have opportunity to share their opinions about Social Security and Medicare with others in a group effort, and that may carry much more power than individual efforts.

AARP is asking for opinions from senior citizens regarding the future of Social Security and Medicare.  The “You’ve Earned a Say” national dialogue is an effort to collect opinions from seniors all over the country, and take the results to our representatives in Congress.  This is what AARP says about the plan:

“AARP is launching You’ve Earned a Say to take the debate about these vital programs out from behind closed doors. After all, you’ve paid into Medicare and Social Security your entire working life. You’ve earned a say in their future.”

Seniors everywhere are encouraged to respond to the short questionnaire and let Congress know what you think about our life-line insurance programs, Social Security and Medicare. We’ve earned a say and have a right to express our concerns.

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