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Seniors Deal With Life-Long Memories

What is there, Seniors, tucked away in the attic of your mind, that you wish to hold on to and share with the dearest people in your life?

Aging brings with it the recognition that I am the only person who holds the key to keepsake treasures that will be gone, when I am.  Unless, I take the initiative to chronicle much that has happened in my life, and what has been learned from it, it will no longer exist.

Without sounding macabre, if you are in your mid to late 70’s or older, perhaps earlier if you have that option, it is time to make a record of what you feel helped make your life worth sharing with others.

So, how do you go about creating a life record that will be shared by family,  treasured for its historical information, its autobiographical photograph of the things that made you who you are?

Some years ago we presented my Mother with a book titled “The Story of a Lifetime,” in which she could begin recording her recollections.  She did, but more than that are other writings that she had scribbled in spiral notebooks, on pieces of random paper, scratched out where she found an empty page or a fleeting thought she didn’t want to forget.

I only wish she had mastered the computer so she could have organized her own story with a little more continuity.  She didn’t, so that task now falls to me.

Write Your Life Story

Retrieving the good things means mining the thoughts and experiences and reminiscent occasions that were a part of one’s life is a very worthwhile undertaking. It perpetuates the history of an individual, of a family, of ancestors, of long ago events and memories.

Likely it will reveal insights and even some secrets that have never been shared previously.  It may place a mirror before you or your loved one to see that person in ways never perceived before.

From such explorations and undertakings have come best selling books, inspirational stories, scripts that lay out a time and a place which could not otherwise be known. Opening the window to the past, through another’s eyes, means offering a gift to others. Sharing anecdotal tales may bring your heart closer to the hearts of those whose story is being shared.

Before too many more years have passed, it behooves us to unearth the materials, to mine the treasures that are just waiting in an old box, in a trunk long ago hidden in the house, in a drawer full of wanderings written originally only for the one who authored them.

More than that, doing so will bring you and others closer to the person whom, you will find, was willing to share their own vulnerabilities, dreams, ideas and treasured memories.  Doing so will mean you have found the greatest treasure of all, a chance to visit with your loved one again and again.

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