Something is Wrong When…

Jun 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

You know something’s wrong when:

The top executive of BP says he “wants his life back.” It looks as if he is getting it.  He is being pulled off the job he could not do.  He could not seem to see beyond his own needs sufficiently to be aware of the horror his company had inflicted on thousands of human beings and multiples of wildlife, let alone every other social, economic, natural and political structure that abides along the southern coast and is rapidly slithering its way to the east.  Seniors everywhere know this is wrong, and we need to lead the way in correcting the problems.

Something’s wrong when individual or corporate agendas push the needs of the greater body politic aside.  Brown Pelicans (BP’s) seem to be the latest victims of this deluge of oil flooding the areas of their  habitats.  They had finally struggled their way out of “endangered” and are suddenly back again.  Our world is a lesser place when we lose the natural phenomena that helps make it so intriguing. Is a tank of gas worth our losing another species? Seems so.  Because every time we are met with another disaster, it involves our having to give up something treasured in order to realize our profligate way of life.  We senior citizens know this is wrong.

It seems to be getting to the point because of all the upheaval infecting our world that there are fewer places to go, less sights to see, more restrictions on our explorations, overcrowded conditions that push us to the edge of every scenic vista.  Time was when a family might plan, with glee, its summer time excursions.  Time is when those places and opportunities are victims of too much and too many.  Some have waited too late or are just being prudent.  So much of what has made America beautiful has been commercialized beyond recognition.  Too much of what once attracted persons to foreign shores has been depleted by wars and internal strife and warnings not to visit those shores.  It seems every prospect is met with the heavy need to be sure that destinations have been considered for safety and pleasure rather than danger and red flags.

The fact of the matter is that all of us would like our “lives back.”  But we have spent our resources and overspent our largess until there is not much left.  We became greedy and thoughtless, pushing our way to the front of the line to get ours before whatever was out there was gone.  Now, there is little left.  If the natural resources on which we rely, such as oil, gushes until it is depleted maybe we will be compelled to use more discretion.  It is time we exercised something other than our own selfish motivations, i.e. “wanting our lives back,” by helping to be sure that our natural wonders are protected and preserved, including the air we breathe, the waters on which we depend, and the fellow occupants who give our world such charm and beauty.

Lacking that, we won’t get our world back.  It has to be nurtured in order to be present.  It has to be respected in order to welcome its multiplied value to us and all our surroundings.  We seniors need to speak up and be heard.

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