Something Inspirational for Older Folk

Jul 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

As for me and my house, I had no idea I would ever reach the age in which I classified myself among older folk.  The reality is I am here  And the second reality is not quite so bad as I expected.  To be sure, it has it’s down days, but there really are more up days with satisfaction and reward than I had imagined.

 If you are still struggling with getting through having fewer things to give you identity, I have some insights, which I hope will be helpful and hopeful to you.

Getting older is not the curse you might have expected.  It is, in fact, full of pleasure, excitement, creativity,expanded affection, enlarged experiences that allow persons, many of whom are much younger, to introduce us to worlds of unimagined wonder.

Getting older is allowing inspiration to invade your life from every direction, every unexpected source, every pulsating new acquaintance, every grandchild who has grown up and learned and wants to share with you the new incredible discoveries of our world.

What is there about receiving inspiration as we grow older?  It is that life is, like the universe, ever expanding, ever creating new surprises, ever marvelous wonders.  If you aren’t an evolutionist, you may want to sign off here.  Evolution offers us a world of an ever creating god, however you experience, identify, theologize that word.  Isn’t that amazing?  Imagine a world that never quits.  Imagine a god that loves us anyway, no matter what happens, or shape, or wonders are experienced next.  That’s pretty incredibly amazing. 

Grab a little bit of Halley, some of Kant, try to put into perspective Sagan’s explanation of comets and then decide the world was finished a few thousand years ago and nothing has happend since.  Us older folk have lived long enough to know better than that.  Governor Perry in Texas and his creationary cronies on the Texas Board of Education can take us back to Wm. Jennings Bryan in the 1920’s or the theologians before that who decided the world is only 6000 years old if they wish.  I prefer, and I hope you do, to believe in a god much larger, more contemporary, more vibrant, fully present in an ever changing world than one stuck in a neanderthal set of concepts or antiquated myths. 

The inspiration for older folks is that we are the ones who have been long enough exposed to a world of wonder and we are the ones who, with the credentials of our wisdom, can share with others, our age and younger, the magic and unending wonder of an infinite universe.  Smarter, wiser, shrewder ones than I have been able to sort out that the world is not simplistic.  The world is an exploding of the idea of God, who is an ever creating, omniscient, onmipresent, beyond imagination, beyond simplicity ever wondrous  being who keeps on keeping on in an never ending cosmos beyond our simple, limited and confined imaginations.  That’s just how big the God is I believe in….which means there are no boundaries. 

I have no idea if there are many who would want to be a part of the religious orientation I espouse.   It really doesn’t matter.  If you believe in an un-limiting, non boundary setting, fully loving god, then we end up on the same page.  If you create rules and boundaries for others to join you, then you may include me out.  Others may speak for themselves. 

In the next few years, as the world circulates and the dynamics of human life take on their various forms, I only wish for an energy that allows me and my way of thinking to be a part of it.

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