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Sundays are Special Days

Sundays seem to pass so slowly, while the week rushes by at warp speed.  Sundays, a day of choice, doing what you like, fitting into a day when demands are less, options for pleasure and activity are various and numerous, and life has a relaxed sense about it.  Sundays are days when pressures are few, when family can come first, when the outdoors beckons, when reading the funny papers takes all morning. It can be a day of worship or going to a concert or attending a community event, like a Fall Fest, and poking around among booths of preserves and what nots and stuff.

For those whose privilege it is to have such choices, to enjoy the existential moment of sheer and utter relaxation, go for it.  Do what you want to do. Give yourself permission to absolutely wallow in activity and attitude that serves your spirit, that pushes you to walk among fallen leaves, that entices you to walk or run with your dog(s), that allows for a stroll in the park, that pushes you to breathe the fresh air of autumn, that allows you to watch a pair of squirrels competing for acorns.

Make Sunday Your Day!

Maybe you will want to go out for brunch at a favorite haunt, where pleasure in the culinary and joy in the conversational is always guaranteed.  Maybe it will be a casual ride on country lanes, listening to music that clears your head and opens your heart.

Whatever it is and however long it lasts, let it be that which gives you the reward of a day for memories, a day when the chill of the air is met with the beauty of the sun, when holding hands feels like the most important sense of touch in the world.

The fast passing week will return soon enough.  After the sun sets on another glorious Sunday, Monday morning will come with all its regular and irregular expectations. Even though retired, it seems to still have a way of nudging duty and task and obligation upon us.  But, never you mind, as quickly as it comes, it goes. Anticipate and prepare for another slow Sunday, just a few short days away.

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