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Will Debt Panel Decisions Affect Seniors?

Most indicators suggest that seniors, those over 65 and under the care of social security, will not be touched by Debt Panel recommendations for the huge and hovering debt that they are charged to manage and minimize.

Those who watch carefully, however, are already aware of the encroachment on younger persons who are being told and sold the idea that they will never collect on their investment in social security.  SCJ has been writing for a year now about how Social Security can be preserved for future generations; it doesn’t have to be changed in order for the program to survive. Erosion of confidence, not unlike the washing away of soil, is a sure fire indicator that something else will be washed away ere long.

Seniors Need to be Watchful

Watching this Panel with a practiced eye will mean that we remain aware of just what comes down.  What subtle adjustments will be made, what heavy recommendations will fall back on “entitlements,” what disfavored programs will be eliminated, what ideological mania will take over and leave older persons (we who will die anyway) in the lurch?  What will come down from on high to put in peril the poor, who already suffer from enormous economic disaster?  What advantages will be reinforced for the wealthy in an effort to assure them that the government is really on their side?

This is no time for idle indifference. This is a time to be alert and aware, informed and inspired, energized and motivatedKeep your representatives’ addresses, phone numbers, email contacts in a place that you can be in touch with them every time information comes down letting us know what they are up to now.  Contact directly the members of the Panel, let them know you are on the watch.  Don’t assume they will act in your best self interest.  It has been a long time since politicians have understood that as a basic principle of their very being.

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