Seniors: Who is that Guy in the Robe with the Golden Stole?

Nov 27th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

OK, I confess it is I.  It is a photograph taken a while back, but one which seemed to flatter me.  Egotistical, perhaps, but often we look for something which seems to give us a good feeling about ourselves, our appearance, our self perception.  I felt this one did that.  Some remember when I appeared thus.  Interestingly, they have never commented on my selection of this representation of me.  That’s okay.  It’s beginning to fade into its own irrelevance. 

That man you see every time you deign to choose this column as a part of your daily reading retinue, is a man who enjoys your presence on our pages,  the pleasure of your critique, the compliment of your company.  He is a human being who is aware of the gracious and abundantly generous gift of persons, like yourself, who bother to spend their time with me.

His history is likely not to matter much to readers, but it would inform the opinions and “insights” that emerge on these pages day by day.  He could wish for greater wisdom, but life gives you what you get.  Sometimes, there might be an insight worthy the reading.  Other times it may seem that the author is insulting the reader.  All I can do is apologize and plead ignorance.

For the guy in the robe it is just fun to do this.  Fortunately there are a few, now and then, who show signs of being attracted to what we have to say.  Some of you come from lands I have never imagined seeing or knowing.  You are the most generous of all to spend your time with us. 

We have grown by being able to tell our stories, express our opinions, share our thoughts, probably reveal our ignorance with those of you who drop by now and again.  We have seen our own warts, become aware of our own faults, realized our own shortcomings.  You are the mirror which has helped us see ourselves for what little worth we may have.  You are they who have been kind enough to be generous with your presence with us.  We hope we can deserve your return visits as we approach another year, another attempt at opening some windows and revealing more about what is wonderful about knowing, discovering and revealing our world.    

The Guy in the Robe is not really me anyway, at least not anymore.  It was taken long enough ago that I confess it probably says more about who I wish I were than who I am.

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