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Healthy Procrastination?  It Depends…

Alexander Pope said, “procrastination is the thief of time.”  But is it ever healthy?  Is it ever healthy to put off til tomorrow what you can do today? For seniors and retirees, while the answer may be yes, there are some catches.  It depends.  It depends on the nature and import of what is being delayed.  So long as it is not life threatening, it is probably okay to delay.  So long as it does not unfairly impinge upon others who may be influenced by your choice, it probably is permissible to put off whatever it is.  However, if, when the circumstances may have a negative impact then the considerations become a new ball game.

What Should I Put Off Doing?

Here are some possible times to procrastinate:

  • Delay eating that second piece of pie or bowl of ice cream at bed time.
  • Don’t criticize someone when it is better to keep your mouth shut.
  • Find ways to encourage natural growth in your yard, preventing the need to pull weeds.
  • Refuse that “Big Gulp” when you stop for gas.
  • Avoid impulse buying.
  • Stay up past midnite.
  • Wait to have your car serviced.  At your own risk.
  • Forget to pick up something you need to have at home. Again, at your own risk.
  • Forget a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. Also risky.

These are just a few…..explore, invent, create, ascertain others.  It may work for you.

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