Seniors: What Will it Take to Make This a Merry Christmas?

Dec 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Here is my prescription for a Merry Christmas:

Rx: Having as many family and close friends as near as possible.

Rx: For those unable to be physcially present, to know they are happy and serene where they are.

Rx: For the health of all whom we know to be stable.

Rx: For those whose health may be challenged, may improvement be their gift.

Rx: For none to experience travel tragedies.

Rx: For this to be a roundly happy time for all with no pressure or conflict.

Rx: For any who need to know the closeness and embrace of love to experience it.

Rx: For all of us to use every ounce of our affection and caring to make sure that all within our circle and beyond will know this as a  Merry Christmas.

Rx: For each of us to make a renewed commitment to genuinely help the poor and needy in our country and in our world, as our collective religious leaders command us to do.

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