Seniors: What Surprises You?

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What surprises you anymore?  Is there anything that really catches you off guard, leaving you with an expression of amazement on your face?  Is there anything that you think you could hear or overhear that would catch you off guard?  Is there anything that might stun you?  Is thre anything that might require catching your breath after seeing it happen before your eyes?

Surprises are more rare it seems as we age.  Experiencing shock or suddenly being taken aback are more and rare.  When a young woman, attractive and poised, offers me a smile, I must admit, at my age, I am surprised, but pleased.  When someone asks my opinion, I am taken aback.  Doesn’t happen much anymore.  When met with someone I haven’t seen in a very long time, it is so rewarding to feel the pleasure of that person’s company and they tell you so. Surprises are pleasures of life that can so quickly escape us.  They happen less, perhaps, because we are less prepared for them.  But then, that is the nature of surprise and serendipity.  You can’t expect it for it to be genuine.

 Yesterday was our 35th anniversary.   It didn’t come with too many surprises or unexpected gifts.  It just came and slipped by and was pleasant and quiet and reassuring.  We did the right thing, you know.  We aren’t surprised that all the years and tears that have now past have accumulated in this moment of reward and satisfaction and perhaps the surprise of  some that we made it this long. 

Life can be like that, the surprise is in the moment of assessing just how it is that a day, somewhat like any other day, is met with the surprise of fulfillment.  A large bouquet wouldn’t really be a surpise, although it would grace the house with temporary beauty and a dashing reminder of what it means.  A box of candy would only add unwanted pounds.  Whatever the appropriate gift for the occasion, the best surprise is the continuing affirmation of love and respect, of genuine regard for one another, of no regrets. 

So here we are in the waning hours of our anniversary.  No candles, well maybe a few, soft music, Rod Stewart is always nice, maybe a toast over wine, and fulfillment.  No surprises, just satisfaction.  And when the surprises come, whenever they do, however they come they will be all the more special, but no more incredible than the simple pleasure of a day, 35 years later, spent together in the peace and fulfillment that is known and experienced as love.  Accept the surprise of still being able to share that with an embrace, a smile, a kiss and loads of memories.  Thanks, my dear,  for all the surprises!

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