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Forthcoming Changes in the Post Office

Like a lot of things these days, the prospects for an old and venerable institution, the Post Office, may be in jeopardy.  Reports suggest that their economic picture is bleak and the immediate likelihood is the reduction of more staff, the closing of over 3000 post offices, and the elimination of Saturday service.

So what does that mean for seniors who have come to depend on daily delivery, the supplying of medications, the availability of magazine subscriptions, e. g. AARP, greeting cards and other well received gifts and information?

My guess is most of us can do without junk mail, maybe Saturday delivery, but the inconvenience of no longer having a small town post office available may be a bit much.  It will press persons, particularly in rural areas, to come up with a means for addressing some of the needs the postal service provides.

More Technology Use By Seniors Likely

Technology has done a great deal for us seniors. Some of us never thought we would understand the wonders of the internet or the miracle of cell phones.  But we still find ourselves using and glad to have the postal service.

Perhaps we will be pressed to educate and enable ourselves to depend on technological advances.  Perhaps there will be services made available to meet the void, perhaps there will be, as there were when AT&T quit installing phones, independent means for delivery and pick up.  One thing is sure, worrying over how you will send your grandchildren a birthday card won’t do a lot of good.

Innovation on the part of the post office and those served by it will likely be required.  It is amazing how necessity continues to be the mother of invention.  It is also amazing how flexible we can be when required.  Personally, I hope the post office stays around.  It does a lot for us, including providing needed jobs in this down economy.  It has done much for us and at those special times of the year, when we remember others, it has been there to be the conduit for being in touch.

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