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Activity-Oriented Senior Days

Retirees can choose from among seven days which is our favorite.  We seniors have the latitude, for the most part, to choose any among the week that seems to give us the most pleasure and satisfaction. Once, when visiting a friend who had retired, he launched into how busy his days were since he and his spouse had retired.  They moved from their midwestern home to Branson, Missouri, which had not yet been “discovered.” He noted that an established routine had taken over his time and pointed out that his days went like so:

Sundays: Get ready for and attend church; go out with friends for lunch; watch TV in the afternoon or nap or both.

Mondays: Prepare for the week.  Put away Sunday clothes;  pick up the house from Sunday, discard newspapers and take out the trash.

Tuesdays: Return trash bin to the house; Get ready for Wednesday when grocery ads and coupons come.

Wednesdays: Review grocery ads and coupons, make list: make trip to store;  also pick up prescriptions.

Thursdays:  Usually a day for appointments for car servicing, doctor or other.

Fridays: Prepare for the weekend.

Saturdays:  Get ready for Sunday.

Sundays: Repeat above.

Mondays:  And all of a sudden its Monday again.

Plan Your Favorite Day

Maybe your days are less monotonous than these listed.  So what does your weekly calendar look like? If you live in a Retirement Community, as many do, your schedule is likely filled with options, hobbies, sports, going out with friends, attending meetings, participating in volunteer and church activities.

If you live where you always have, your schedule may not have changed much, except you no longer have to meet an employment schedule.  Or, perhaps you are continuing to work, thus not changing your routine at all.

Whatever your regular schedule, be sure not to leave out your favorite day, that time which is exclusively yours to do what and with whom you want. A favorite day is the one which gives us the joy of being alive, to be able to make choices and to be with people of unusual friendship, or not to be with anyone at all.  It is a time when you can be or do just exactly what you wish.   Such days nurture us and allow us to expand our energies and enthusiasms about life. It may also be that such days urge your expanding such times beyond one day a week. Then, before long you will be looking at your favorite week a month; month a year; year in a decade.  Maybe, just maybe you will have so many favorite and special days that your life will be full and everyday a holiday.

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