Seniors: What Comes After I Shine My Shoes?

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Getting ready for a special occasion always used to require shining my dress shoes. I don’t do that much anymore. What with the more casual universe in which we live and the availability of so many shoe styles that do not require shining and not going to so many special occasions, shoe shining is like so many things, just a practice from the past.

So, if and when I do find myself shining my shoes it must be for something that is special. Pulling out the polish and the brushes and the old well worn rags and the dressing for the soles and the buffing cloths sets me up to anticipate why I must be going to all this trouble. Here are some of the reasons that shoes get polished these days.

Going to a graduation: spiffing up for a graduation of a grandchild or someone special in your life. That is always cause for celebration and looking nice and feeling good and putting one’s best foot forward.

Attending a wedding: what better reason to shine those shoes. An invitation to a wedding conjures up joy and dancing and happiness and extemporaneous celebration. Shine them well, so that you can enjoy the reflections of all the good times and the fun steps being taken.

Going our for an Anniversary Dinner: If you are still married and celebrating that annual reality check, then dressing up is a worthwhile thing to do. Include roses and choosing an upscale place to dine. Let it be an occasion for thanksgiving and remembering and quiet gazes across the table. If there is a band or pianist, invite your loving spouse to a waltz or a slow dance. Time marks all the great moments of our lives. Our shoes help transport to those wonderful times.

Participating in a Birthday: These events include a range of occasions from super casual to drop dead formal. Oops, that might not be a good analogy, since birthdays usually indicate how fast time invades our lives. Nonetheless, birthdays, at least some of them, offer the occasion for a dress up. So out come the shoes and the shining paraphrenalia. One more time, check the shoestrings to be sure they are in good repair. There is nothing more tacky than a broken one, tied together to get you by. After all, this is a birthday and by now you should have learned how to tie your shoes.

Attending a Retirement Dinner: What better occasion to look your best. If it is your own, you want to be impeccable. You want to show off your achievements, finesse and accomplishments of the last 40 years or so. So shine them up. Get out your best bib and tucker and show up with a wide smile and an infectious sense of humor. This is a landmark occasion and it requires you look your best.

Joining in a Farewell occasion: Maybe you or a friend you have known for years is moving to a different clime and time in life. Saying goodbye is a good way to mark the occasion with a party or a dinner or a picnic. If it is one of those occasions that requires shining your shoes, let them be so well shined that they will reflect all the good times life has offered in your friendships.

There are others, but there is one more for which all of us will need to contemplate preparation. This one is quite personal and certainly final.

Preparing for my Memorial Service: Maybe, if my service is to be burial in a casket, I will want to buy a new pair shoes that will allow me to tap my way into heaven. Maybe, I will just want to lie there, comfortable, secure, serene. Maybe, if the shoes are visible, it will be nice for people to be able to say how well I always took care of my shoes. If I am being cremated, maybe I will just box up those old shoes and mark them “Goodwill,” so that someone will be able to enjoy them as I have.

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