Seniors: What Can We Do?

Dec 3rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It is not enough that many of us went to the polls, expressing opinion and anger, and a variety of emotions which don’t accomplish much.

It is not enough that we now sit idly in front of television or computer watching as the world, like a volcano, begins its tremors and slight eruptions portending more disaster to come.

It is not enough that the unemployed face the likelihood of reduced or completely eliminated employee benefits.

It is not enough that incisive opinionators like Thomas Friedman in the New York Times, last weekend, serves as a contemporary Paul Revere harking the news that a high percentage of Americans think “America’s best days are behind us.”

It is not enough that Social Security and Medicare, not to speak of Medicaid, are clinging to the cliff of oblivion.

It is not enough that resources reaching $190 million a day continue to be pumped into the conflict in Afghanistan.

It is not enough that some have picked up placards and posters and donned outrageous costumes to express their outrage.

Then, what is required?

More than we ever knew. More than we have ever considered doing or giving. More than our commitments may be willing to stretch. More than our understanding of patriotism and love of country and international humanity may be able to abide.

Has arriving at over 230 years of democracy in this republican experiment come to this moment?

The world’s survival depends on our willingness to go beyond our mundane interests, our self centered needs, our egotistical nationalism. It is time for real, at the core, declarations and definitions of a better way. It is time we, those who make up the generation of those who came during the Second World War, stand our ground. It was our parents and our generation who learned how to be caring to those we had called enemies. Japan and Germany, because of America, today are among our strongest allies.

Now, it is up to us. It is up to this generation of senior citizens, tired as we may be, to example how America can reassure the world again.

Less than that is not enough.

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