Seniors: Updating Outdated World Views

Dec 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Many of us pine for a world that isn’t.  We would like to reinstate a world that we knew best 50 and 60 years ago.  Because of our age, idealism, immaturity, lack of wisdom and insight we had the notion that the world was pretty much okay.  It wasn’t, of course, but there was no convincing our notion otherwise.

Some of us attempt to remold today’s world by harking back to the past in a whole variety of ways:  collecting vintage automobiles, watching old movies, decorating our homes in retro, etc.  It doesn’t work, except in a minimal psychological way.  It may make us feel better for a brief instant, but nothing is really changed.

Much of what we experience today is controlled by cultural changes and major disruptions totally outside our realm of reference, completely beyond our control. Some people get on board all kinds of movements and causes and join a variety of groups in an effort to feel that they are making a difference.  Is any difference made?  Perhaps to the participant there is.  In the 60’s those who campaigned and marched for civil rights, long delayed in coming, both felt and experienced what it was like to see a seismic shit in cultural circumstances which affected the reality of real lives.

Getting stuck in the past by insisting on ideologies that are antiquated, insulting to whole groups of human beings and injurious to the ultimate body politic does not affirm the principles of “doing unto others,” nor does it aid the moving of our world toward ideals of justice and harmony. 

Finding old and moldy ideas to apply to the massively changed world that is the reality of our new time and insisting upon those to the detriment of others is not likely to make for a world of respect and understanding.  Conflict in our personal, national and international relations is likely an ongoing given.  Acting as if we cannot adapt to change doesn’t have to be. 

Neither sticking our heads in the sand nor fighting emerging concepts, ideologies and differences which shake us will not enable adjustment to change.  To be sure, not all change is necessarily for the good.  However, the development of a frame of mind which evaluates change before condemning it is.

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