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Planned Retirement Communities

Some, when retiring, make their choices on an availability of structured activity and a lot of it.  There are numerous retirement communities who market their entire program on a multitude of available  things to do. They are referred to as ‘planned retirement communities’.  One even downplays its homes, although quite upscale, just because there are so many other things to keep you involved and occupied.

For persons who crave connection and contact such locations are just the ticket.  They usually come complete with several golf courses, recreation centers, clubs of every type and variety, organizations, hobbies, and so on.  One does not lack for something to do every day of every season.

Activity, as a means to fend off boredom, is readily supplied in these communities.  A person who might complain there is nothing to do simply lacks insight.  Most indicate that they are busier in retirement than they were before they retired.

Such structured and organized communities usually put an age limit on persons who may live there, typically 55.  Therefore persons who may desire multi-generational interaction will not find it here. With busyness as the byword, most will find inviting same age couples to visit do so with enthusiasm.  They are anxious to introduce their  acquaintances to this life style.

It is then that persons, giving consideration to such a highly structured environment, need to be open or ready or both.  Open, if you think it would appeal to you.  Ready, if you need to give it some thought.  Both, if you aren’t yet quite sure.

Unstructured Retirement Living

If the structured approach seems to be a bit overwhelming, then one may want to look at UNSTRUCTURED choices. If taking this route, then you will be more in charge of your day to day calendar and  less under the sway and influence of organized activity.  Neither is better than the other.  It is only a matter of preference and ability.  If you are more independent and enjoy and appreciate some right of way to make choices that do not include others or many others, then the UNSTRUCTURED approach will be more to your liking.  If you tend to be shy, and would prefer to have more available interaction, being in an environment that prompts that might work better.  It really is a choice that has to do more with your desires and tendencies.

For those who are innately drawn to a more structured environment, such an environment may appeal completely and at once.  For those who have always wanted to break out of being reticent to get involved, this may be your chance.  For those who want to take it easy and avoid multiple sources of interaction, this will not be for you.

If yours is a decision between being idle or heavily invested, then it will be necessary to evaluate the issue of what kind of environment you seek.  Once you have chosen, all other issues will begin to fall in place.

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