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Managing Pain

Yesterday was largely spent in the dental office having a root canal done.  It was the third or fourth day of dealing with the pain that was emanating from that part of my mouth.  My dentist, good and faithful friend, performed excellently.  His assistant hooked me up to that wonderful laughing gas and before long, sure enough, that was what we were all doing.  Unfortunately, the aide was correct.  By the time it was all over I didn’t remember any of the funny things we had said.

This morning, the residual pain has subsided and I now only await one more appointment to finish up the job.  Hoping that will do it for awhile.

However, during the time under the gas, looking up at those interrogation style lights, all was well.  I was prepared for several more hours of this penultimate release.  It was gloriously satisfying.  There was no pain. There was only the euphoric drifting up there with the clouds and coming in and out of rainbow land.  Such is the joy of experiences that release us from the discomfort of pain and its attendant presence. Release and dismissal of temporary agony is something we crave when we have been in the grip of such discomfort.

Welcome to release.  Welcome to the competent hands of the dentist and his aides.  Welcome to the  rainbow.

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