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The Importance of Choices

Determining to what you give the time of day will unveil a lot about who you are, what you consider important, how healthy your frame of mind is (at  your age), and what in life garners satisfaction and pleasure for you.

Retirement or aging, growing older or maturing by themselves do not bring a set of predetermined conditions which define your life. You choose.  When you choose you will have considered, discarded, deliberated, designed, overlooked a whole series of options from which your life will be structured and programmed.  You will also have the option to examine and change choices previously made.  Your patterns for living do not, repeat do not, have to be forever and always.  No matter how stuck in the mud our lives may seem, there are ways to be extracted from old and useless habits of behavior.

Bitterness, negativity, crusty and off-putting behaviors usually chase away companionship and friends who might help you become more pleasant and enjoyable.

We know a woman in an assisted care facility who, when met with a greeting, invariably responds with a sour reply.  Asking “How are you” ends up being a challenge to her to find some way to communicate displeasure.  That ain’t fun.   She is not unattractive.  She is simply negative.  Everything about her life is seen through distorted lenses.  Her circumstances, family, situation, all of it are perceived from a “downer” point of view.  While there may be, and likely is, provocation for all of this in her experience, it does not lend itself to “curing” the circumstances by her making different choices.

Choosing to isolate oneself as you grow older does not offer an abundance of opportunity to be around people who will help you experience your world differently.  When depression seems to be overtaking you, setting out to find a way out of the morass of demoralizing feelings will be in your best self interest.

Create Your Senior World

The world you make is your world.  How you mold and make your days determines whether your world will be enjoyed or just tolerated. No one can make those decisions for you.  No one can suddenly reveal a better plan.  You must sort out the choices and choose from among them.  Must is a strong word, but it includes getting up and moving around and associating with others whose life perspective can positively influence your own.

Illness, disappointment, hurt, bad days are all part of the continuing to live phenomenon that we will experience.  Accommodating these and numerous others will not give us strength or change our minds about how to spend our time.  Overcoming, choosing not to allow these and others to control us are the options best suited to our making healthy choices to how and to what “we give the time of day.”

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