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Making Choices for Health

Consider this your prescription for getting and staying healthy:

  • Be aware of your daily diet.  Be sure you are getting the nutrients you need to energize and keep your body healthy.  You know the routine.  Practice it.
  • Emphasize and allow ample exercise in your daily list of dos.  Don’t put it off.  You know the routine.  Get up and go.
  • Be conscious of your need for rest and set aside time for it.  If you aren’t getting enough rest, find out why, change your routine.  Be on the look out for a chair, a sofa or a bed where you can spend enough time resting. Don’t overdo it.  To lie down is often to stay down.
  • Invite humor into your life and relationships.  Laughter and fun are antidotes to illness and health reversals.  Stay happy.
  • Associate with people who are stimulating.  Give yourself permission to relate to persons whose own frame of mind and daily routines inspire your own. Find friendships that add energy to your life.
  • Read, expand your mind, dismiss those things that don’t add to your overall mental health.  Keep your mind working.  Practice remembering.  Ask your grandchildren to give you memory tests.  Make it fun to stay alert.
  • Keep your teeth, ears, nostrils, hair and nails clean.  Don’t ignore your appearance and general hygiene.  Look nice, feel nice, be nice. If male and you have a beard, keep it trimmed. Watch your posture.
  • Expel worry over anything and everything.  It doesn’t do any good at all and likely contributes to stress.  Be rid of it.  Do it before it takes hold.
  • Keep your eyesight sharp, your hearing keen, your sense of smell sensitive.  Lots of joy comes from what we see, hear and smell.

While this may sound like your mother talking, it is common sense, which likely she repeated to you in different ways as you grew up.  Now that you are grown, take the instruction seriously and keep yourself healthy.

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