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Seniors Consider Moving

Time comes when seniors give consideration to the last move.  Your retirement home, no matter how desirable, is just too large.  The escalating costs for keeping it up and meeting its maintenance obligations continue to proliferate.  Family, for whom it was built in part for their occasional visits, don’t come around much.  So, why is it we hang on to where we are, a house full of a life time of collections, furniture, objects ‘d art, ad infinitum?   Last week alone, the hot water heater and washer both went wanting for the so called “lonely repair man”.

The indictments seem to pile up regularly.  The time to go to court and face the “music,” is drawing ever nigh.  Mixed metaphors perhaps, but the truth is there somewhere.

Examining the options begins with a nostalgic pull to stay.  After wading through buckets of tears and irrational protests, then the evidence of looking squarely in the mirror and deciding one must take the proverbial bull by the horns dawns.  How many cliches must one conjure, before taking on the inevitable?

Reality Sets In for Seniors

Suddenly, the rationalizations begin melting away.  First comes one, then another, recognizing what has to be done.  A couple of weeks ago, following storms and the results of the Texas drought, a tree removal specialist had to be called in.  With every tree and branch that hit the ground, the awareness dawned:  “I can’t do this anymore.”   When it was all over, I rejoined my comfortable favorite chair  to reflect further.

Next comes the deciding and sorting of items to be rid of.  How that pains!  Why, I even have my first grade workbooks and report cards.  Who will want those? This begins to look more like undergoing major surgery than just deciding to make a move.  Maybe they are both and the same.

Aging brings with it scores of unwelcome and unappreciated surprises and demands and struggles.  Some of them, health related, are in their own right very difficult to undergo.  Some, less traumatic physically, are none the less shockers in that change is a devil of opponent to wrestle down.

Change comes.  Life happens while you are living it.  All the bumper sticker philosophy doesn’t matter.  Deal with it one must.  Setting the time line, making the preliminary choices, declaring your own determination all will come.  When it does, so the next chapter begins and the outcome of this book predictable.  So, get on with it.  Start packing those boxes and tossing that stuff and making choices big and small.  Every single item that came into that house now has to depart.  Including you.  Including me.

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