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Changes in Antique Collecting

For those seniors who have been chronic collectors, get ready for the new wave of “collectible” items. Many of the newer antiques, now making their way on the market, were all the rage just short years back.  Now, they are eligible for the trash bin.  Some may find charm in hanging on to them, but not likely for long. An example:  The Walkman.

Among them, may be like struggling over whether to keep that favorite Royal Typewriter, electric by the way.  But the PC is now at the top of the list of obsolete, undesirable things to have or keep or certainly not to purchase.  I will likely be among the last to let my large screen, large print PC go.  It will be one of the 21st century shifts I really didn’t expect.  But, why not?  Nothing lasts for long anymore.

The rapidity with which products and amazing gadgets become all the rage is matched with their sudden disappearance from the popular scene.  Before I have learned what the newest object of technological affection is, it is passe’.  Even my Kindle begins to seem like a paperback comic book of 50 years ago.  Staying conversant with the newest and most beguiling of electronic treasures is no small undertaking.

‘New’ Becomes ‘Old’

Beyond that, however, the ax is felling many other “newer” ideas and gimmicks and now suddenly off the shelf items.  During a stop at a local Radio Shack, I was surprised at the sparsity of items available in their inventory.  There was a paucity of products, but they all tended toward specialty items or add ons for some other unique gadget. Their stock of television sets was down to three.  Younger people aren’t watching much TV any more.  They are more into active and proactive hand held devices that allow them to be all over the place.

For those who have kept abreast and find the challenge of keeping current both challenging and satisfying there is much to keep you busy.  For those who fell behind about the time the first computer became all the rage, it now becomes more of a handicap just to keep up with the new world language.

Tons of money is being poured into innovative and promising sensations.  Some are taking.  Some are not.  The new Chevy Volt, one of those that was supposed to electrify the market, is struggling to catch on.  Ideas not only must be able to deliver what they promise, but compete with better ideas that are already ahead of the competition.

Before rushing out to buy the latest or collect another passing fad, decide what value and use it has in your life. Check out its advantages and investigate its qualities before investing your hard earned cash for something that may not be available within a very short time. If the purchase will last longer than it takes to stand in line to buy it, then maybe it may prove worth while.

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