Seniors : The Last Thing at Night

Sep 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There is one thing that is more important than anything else.  It is, after a full day, to be sure that the last thing you do is to hold the one you love, let him/her know that, kiss with compassion, and turn off the light knowing that life is really good.  Some, not having a companion to share that moment, can do so in the heart, sharing feelings of love and respect and appreciation for family and friends who are dear. 

The last thing at night is to be sure that that which seals a relationship does so with the gift of shared affection.  None of us can be entirely whole without it.  None of us is altogether satisfied until we have found it.  None of us is honest until we confess that love is what makes life worthwhile, fulfilling and complete.  We may go through repeated relationships, some with a spark, some lacking in magic, others with a hint of hope.  But it is that one that encourages us to wish for and to offer the last thing at night.  It is, no matter how long the relationship has been there, that genuinely authentic experience that lets you know that you have something to give and relish the return of the gift.

So, with or without a companion, life urges you to find a way to express unique and genuine love.  It may take awhile to discover the one that makes it all come together.  It may occur with the suddenness of a heart beat, the flash of a smile, the sincerity of a touch.  But when it does, don’t turn your back until you have verified that the magic is there and real and honest and available.  And when the time comes, after long days and nights together, don’t ever fail to offer to one another “the last thing at night.”

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